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Pittsfield, NH Balloon Rally- fun for everyone!

The colorful pile of fabric begins to billow as the propane torch roars out a tongue of hair-singeing flame. It slowly rises like a giant from its sleep, standing and stretching out, occasionally yawning. Then, with a burst of energy, it pushes off the ground and throws itself to the mercy of the wind.
Ah, what a beautiful sight indeed! Every color of the rainbow spread out over a large field, gently rising above it all, quite literally. 
How is Pittsfield's balloon really different from any other, though? The people. At a huge balloon fest like Albuquerque, There are so many people and just too much stress. At a small fest like Pittsfield, though, there are smaller crowds, less stress, and therefore the balloonists can interact more. You can walk up to them and ask, "So how does it work?" And they will show you every knob, screw, and handle in the basket. I could fly my own balloon.
It's a light, fun, and family friendly weekend (the first full weekend in August, F…
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Immortality: Do we really want it?

You walk down a street. People crowd along it, yet the only sound is that of feet pattering over the pavement. Store windows broken, everything inside ravaged. Humans laying on the ground, groaning in agony, bloodied.


Is this the result of war?
 Is it a third world country?
What is it then?

Take a moment to think about all the hype being made over trying to find something that will make everyone young forever. What are some things you've heard?
"No one will have to die."
"We'll all live in peace."
"It's the answer to curing all diseases."

Is it really?
Now think about the consequences of such a life:
~Over-population due to no deaths
~Perpetual starvation due to lack of enough food for the ever-growing population.
~not enough freshwater to supply everyone; only 3% of earth's water is fresh.

An eternity of being within a perpetual state of death, without dying.
Maybe even resorting to cannibalization, just to reli…

#1 Rule of Writing: Write

Editing: The bane of a writer, whether you're terrible and need to fix it all, or you're a grammar Nazi and have to correct every single mistake. But what is the #1 thing you ought to be doing instead?

That's right.
I, unfortunately, had to learn this the hard way. I have been working on my novel for over a year now, and all because I wasn't doing this one thing. Sure, I had scenes done. I had material. I could've kept writing.
But I didn't.
Instead, I kept going back, worrying if this plot point was right, deleting and re-writing scenes- oh, is that a punctuation error? Gotta fix that.
I was so focused on the details that I missed the point:
This is the foundation.
This is the hard news I had to face.
This is the Rough Draft.
It's not the polished story. This is the idea, the foundation on which you grow the rest of your story. There will be other drafts; first, second, third, fourth... heck, even fifth. Your story will change. It's inevitable. It doesn…

Studio C - clean comedy in a world of filth

Clean humor? Could it be true? Can something  actually be funny without mentioning bodily functions? 
I am happy to answer this with a hearty yes. 
Studio C creates humor through awkward situations, surprising twists, and surprising takes off of well known movies and books.
They do not use any strong language (ie. they say heck-fire in place of the stronger alternative, and dang instead of d***), and do not use any crude humor whatsoever.
I encourage you to check them out. I am sure you won't be disappointed. :)

Studio C

To buy or not to buy- the lure of books

Alas, every reader faces this eventually. You're walking down the sidewalk, thinking this, then lo and behold, the bookstore sign magically appears, and you say to yourself "just a peek" and wander in.
2 hours later you wander out with a bag full of books, a depleted wallet, and a dazed expression on your face. 
Well written books are to the reader what nectar is to hummingbirds: sweet, irresistible, and utterly necessary to their survival. 
To quote Thomas Jefferson: "I cannot live without books.". 
Books hold so many benefits,both on the mental level and the physical.
 It has been shown that kids who get a head start in reading have better focus, a larger vocabulary, and can carry on a conversation much better than those who do not.
My own childhood is evidence of this. I struggled the first few years, but after my mom found a book that helped me immensely, I took off. In third grade, I tested at a seventh grade reading level and eighth grade comprehension.
Books he…

Writer's block - fact or fiction?

The short answer: Fiction.

The long answer: I don't believe in writer's block. I am a writer myself, and I have battled what all the other writers call by that name. However, I call it by a very different name:

I know it's shocking, but it's true: Your book, story, poem, or whatever will not write itself. Yes, sit down. It is a large truth to absorb. I struggled (and still struggle) with it.
If you only write when inspiration strikes, it will take you weeks... months... years to write what you set out to write. Sitting down to write is one of the hardest things I know of... and not eating the last cookie, but that's off topic.
It requires determination, hard work, and perseverance. Even when you don't feel like writing, you have to push through. One thing I tried, and found works well, is to write five-hundred words a day, even when you don't think you can. Believe me, when you just write, without looking back at what you just wrote, those words w…